Dr. Shannon Helps Female Docs Grow on Remarkable Radio AM 560.

Dr. Shannon Helps Female Docs Grow on Remarkable Radio AM 560. Listen now!


Dr. Shannon Burke

“Building a service-based business from scratch can be the most humbling, gut-wrenching, intimidating experience of your life. In those beginning years, my belief about myself was directly tied to the number of patients on my schedule that day. If it was a good day and I treated a reasonable number of patients, I was confident, hopeful, and in the zone. If my office was a ghost town, I was depleted, discouraged and in self-pity mode. Once I nailed down all of the strategies that really worked to build a practice and refined these proven systems, my goal was to never let another female Chiropractor feel that same helplessness”

– Dr. Shannon Burke

Dedicated To Your Growth

Dr. Shannon specializes in helping women chiropractors implement the most sought-after secrets to effective leadership, improved employee engagement, and an abundance of referrals.She helps doctors obtain a high level of enthusiasm and confidence for their work while giving them the tools they need to truly succeed.
Having spent over twenty years in service-oriented professions, including her current role as a chiropractor and owner of a medical facility, Shannon has learned the power of ultimate patient care. She intimately delivers the best strategies for achieving unstoppable leadership confidence and growing your practice through a red-carpet referral system.

Passionate About Advancing Women in Chiropractic

  • Full-time Practicing Doctor Since 1999 (Secondary to Full-Time Mother since 2007!!)
  • Chapter Leader of The League of Chiropractic Women – Chicagoland
  • Published Author in DC Practice Insights
  • Speaker and Contributor at Chiropractic conferences across the country
  • Author of Maximize Your Referral Factor : A Chiropractor’s Proven Strategies to Limitless Referrals

Ready To Move Mountains With You

Dr. Shannon’s contagious enthusiasm will lift you up and support you in a safe environment that allows you to step into your ideal practice, defined by your goals and dreams.

Dr. Shannon’s Guarantee

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You. “Dr. Seuss

As your mentor and your coach, getting to know you and your practice at a deep level is one of my main focuses. This allows me to promise you that all of the ideas, strategies, and tools used to grow your practice truly fit you and who you are.

Your reputation as a doctor and the image of your practice is of upmost concern. As your patient visit numbers are elevating, we want your reputation and image to skyrocket as well. With this goal always in mind, I can guarantee that the business plan we build will be effective, ethical, classy, and extraordinary – just like YOU!